We are the reason dairy farmers get up at odd hours to feed and care for their animals, work year-round on the farm, and make sure we have an ample supply of fresh, local dairy. It is their life’s passion and commitment.

I am proud to work for our 12,000 dairy farmers at American Dairy Association North East. Thursday, October 12 is National Farmers Day – it’s my chance (and yours) to say, thank you, and honor these hardworking farmers.

Tour a Dairy Farm

If you ever get the opportunity to visit a dairy farm, do it! In honor of National Farmers Day, American Dairy Association North East sent a group of bloggers on a farm tour of Noblehurst Dairy Farm, a state-of-the-art seventh-generation family farm, and to Yancey’s Fancy cheese plant for a behind-the-scenes look at artisanal cheese making. Follow along on the tour using #NYDairyTour17.


While it’s more fun to step foot on an actual farm, you can see our farms and get to know our farm families from wherever you are. Use #NationalFarmersDay and #UndeniablyDairy to connect with dairy farmers.

Learn about Local Dairy Products 

Have you ever wondered how your favorite dairy foods are produced? It all starts with milk! Take a glimpse into what makes milk undeniably dairy, and how milk journey’s from farm to table.

Share Your Love for Dairy

Our farmers would love to see how you enjoy their dairy products. Make your favorite dairy recipe, or discover new recipes on our Pinterest page. Post and share your photos using #NationalFarmersDay and #UndeniablyDairy!


Thanks to dairy farmers, I have a glass of milk to raise in their honor and in celebration of National Farmers Day.