Savoring Summer

Before school starts, enjoy the final days of summer with a refreshing, cold glass of milk!

Broom’s Bloom Dairy

Broom's Bloom Dairy

The Belle family makes and sells their own old-fashioned ice cream, homemade lunches and artisan cheese in Bel Air, Pa. Come Visit!

Raising Crops for Dairy Cows

Raising Crops for Dairy Cows

Dairy farmers use many sustainable practices to grow crops for their dairy cows. Learn more from these Pennsylvania dairy farmers.Click here to watch.

Ask a Dietitian

Ask a Dietitian

Q: I just found out from a recent blood test that my vitamin D level is low. Can I get enough vitamin D from milk, cheese and yogurt?
See the answer.

Dairy Diary

Kids Drinking Milk

Field Trip Fun

By | August 25th, 2014

Our petting zoo has always been exclusively mobile because w...

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Cow Appreciation Day

By | August 21st, 2014

We recently celebrated “Cow Appreciation Day,” a day tha...

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Drought-proof diet

Is Milk O.K. to Drink on a Dr...

By | August 15th, 2014

California is experiencing one of its worst droughts on reco...

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Sunday Fun-Day!

By | August 12th, 2014

Everyone loves family reunions, right? Well, I do. I have be...

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