Dairy Farming

Did you know that your milk comes from a good place? Each and every day, America’s dairy farmers invest their time, energy and passion into producing wholesome milk for you and your family. Dairy farmers take good care of their animals and the land that they farm. They are active members of the community and contribute to the local economy. They are your friends and neighbors. But most important of all, they are dedicated to producing nutritious and good tasting milk and dairy foods for all to enjoy.

The history of dairy farming:

Cows have been used to produce milk for consumption for thousands of years. Modern dairy farming began in the early 1900’s after pasteurization was developed and used. Pasteurization allowed for a safer product and also extended milk’s shelf life by eradicating spoilage causing bacteria. This allowed for milk to last longer and be shipped further. With increase in availability of milk there was also an increase in demand and the need arose for larger farms. These larger farms rely on healthy cows and efficient practices to produce larger amounts of milk and dairy products. While these farms have grown and become more efficient, farmers still stay involved in reducing environmental impacts, producing safe products and keeping their herds healthy and happy.

Who are dairy farmers:

Dairy farmers are hard working men and women that take pride in providing the highest quality dairy products to their family, community and customers. They are members of their communities and they stay involved with community projects. They care deeply about the environment and strive to farm in ways that reduce any impact on the environment. Most dairy farms are owned and maintained by families and have been for generations. Dairy farmers are experts at milk production and safety, farming best practices and how to keep their herds healthy and happy. Farmers invest countless hours into making the best product possible.

Modern dairy farming:

Dairy farms have grown significantly from their humble beginnings to meet the growing demand for dairy products. Although the size of the farms has grown they are still family farms. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 98% of U.S. dairy farms are still family owned and operated. Sometimes these farms are still owned by relatives and descendants of the original owners. Dairy farms have had to increase their size and take steps to become more efficient to meet the increasing demand for high quality dairy while keeping dairy affordable. Whether the farm is large or small, farmers are committed to producing the highest quality product while taking care of the land they farm.

The Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association farmers:

The Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association is made up of farmers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland. Our farmers are passionate about what they do and they are excited to share it with you. Visit our pages on our farm families to learn more about how they make the delicious and nutritious products that we enjoy every day.