Are You a Dairy Diva?

dairy-diva-e1300289329287Milk, cheese and yogurt are good for your body, both inside and out! Find out more by playing this interactive game geared towards women. Play now!


Arianna and Marcus

Adrianna-and-MarcusJoin them on their amazing expedition! Can you help them make nutritious choices? Find out now!



Barnyard Chronicles (Courtesy of Indiana Dairy Council)

BarnyardChronicles-e1300289401681What’s it like to grow up on a farm? How long does it take for milk to go from cow to grocery store? Want the answers to these questions and more? Then come on in! Learn about life from the farm animal’s point of view and hear “tails” from the inside about farm life in Indiana from Hoosier families (and kids like you!) who live it every day. It’s not just for kids, adults and teachers welcome. Play now!

Breakfast Detective

breakfast-detective-e1300289438751Read the clues and meet the food challenge. Go for it!


Dairy Farming Today Game

dairy-farming-today-e1300289632178Learn how dairy farms and processors assure milk quality and then play the game to test your knowledge. Can you handle working on a dairy farm? Find out now!

Dairy Farming Today e-Postcards

dairy-farming-today-postcards-e1300289715469Send your own dairy postcard – your friends will be “mooooved” you said hello! Create yours now!


Food Riddles

food-riddles-e1300289792271How good are you at answering fun food riddles? Find out now!


Fueled for Fun

Fuel-For-funGet ready to fuel! It’s time for the big, Fueled-for-Fun track event.Play now!


Little D the Dragon

little-DHelp him get through the maze and get to the banquet on time! Play Now!




Make-A-Shake-e1300289963387Make a virtual milk shake and print out your recipe. Make it!


Milk Maze

milkmaze-e1300290018606Help deliver Milk Group foods to the Food Guide Pyramid. Ready-Set-Go to download your Milk Maze!



Monster Nutrition

Monster-NutritionHere comes Mungo, the nutrition monster! Mungo eats everything in his path, and he needs your help making healthy food choices. Make it to the top ten and e-mail your score to a friend. You will be a Monster Nutrition Game champion and a wizard of nutrition facts and information. Feed Mungo!

Blast Off Game

my-pyramid-blast-off-e1300290091206Reach the Planet Power by fueling your rocket with food and physical activity. Blast off now!



NFL’s RUSH Fuel Up To Play 60

Like to play sports? The National Football League’s RUSH Fuel Up To Play 60 is all about getting kids out of the house and into 60 minutes of exercise every day. Find games, contests, videos and more on this interactive Web site. Even chat LIVE with kids your own age! Sound cool? Play now!

Nutrition Café

Nutrition-Cafe-e1300290137416Visit the café where nutrition is fun! Play nutrition games now!


Nutrition Puzzle Fun

Solve these puzzles and find out what it takes to keep your body healthy:
Crack the Secret Code
Crossword Craziness
Fun Food Activity
Milk Your Mind
Scramble for Good Health

Nutrition Tracker

nutrition-trackerDid you eat foods from all Five Food Groups today? Did you eat the number of servings you need from each food group? Download this nutrition tracker to find out. Here’s How: First, write down everything you eat and drink during the day on your Nutrition Tracker. Next, compare your servings to the servings you need from each food group every day. Share your nutrition tracker results with your parents so you can improve your score.

Are You a Dairy Diva?

My Shopping List
It is time to go grocery shopping, download this helpful shopping list and fill in the blanks with your favorite foods from the Food Guide Pyramid – the Milk, Meat, Vegetable, Fruit, and Grain Food Groups. Let’s go shopping!

Operation Dairy

operationdairy_167x139-e1300290214603Can you help Cammie the dairy cow find the missing tokens? Use your magnifying glass to search the dairy farm. Then watch the videos and answer the questions correctly to earn nine dairy tokens. Cammie needs your help! Think you’re up to this dairy challenge? Play now!