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Training Now Available on ‘Driving Dairy Discussions’

Have you ever heard someone say something like, “I won’t eat anything with dairy because it’s full of hormones and GMOs,” or “I only drink almond milk because it’s healthier than regular milk?”

The NEW Driving Dairy Discussions workshop prepares dairy spokespeople to lead positive conversations about tough issues, such as GMOs, alternative beverages, and hormones or antibiotics in milk. Through the Driving Dairy Discussions trainings, dairy farmers and dairy professionals can help build consumer confidence by initiating influential conversations to increase understanding and support for the dairy industry.

As a dairy farmer, you have a powerful story. We want to help you share it. Today, few Americans have a connection to food and milk production. With less than 2 percent of the population feeding the United States and millions throughout the world, telling your story can help your neighbors and community better understand the dairy industry and its important impact.

Click here to download a PDF brochure about our training programs.

If you would like to be a part of our next training, or know of a group of dairy farmers and/or dairy professionals that wants to be a proactive part of telling the dairy story, please contact Amy Yeiser Leslie at

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