A few weeks ago, we celebrated Mother’s Day here on the farm. I’ve been blessed with an awesome mom and always wish her a happy Mother’s Day every year, but since I live far away I wasn’t able to celebrate with her. Instead, I celebrated the holiday with the other “mothers” in my life: my cows. Actually, every day is mother’s day here at Cow Comfort Inn Dairy. We have a quote by W.D. Hoard posted at the farm that states, “Remember that this is the Home of Mothers. Treat each cow as a Mother should be treated.” This is to remind employees to treat the cows like they would treat their own mother.

One cow in particular reminds me of and is named after another “mom” in my life – my mom’s mom, my grandmother, Dorothy or “Dot” for short. There is a special reason we named her after my grandma. My grandma had two sets of twins and Dot the cow has had three sets of twins so far. Her latest set was just born a couple days ago. Her previous twins were all heifers or female calves. The twins she just recently gave birth to were a bull (male) and a heifer (female). We don’t know why Dot gives us twins all the time, but that is how she earned her name.

We know ahead of time which cows are going to have twins. We have an ultrasound machine not unlike those used in hospitals. My husband does ultrasound checks every Monday when a cow is at least 28 days along. When he diagnoses a cow with twins, it gets put into the computer in the cow’s health record. That way we know to give cows like Dot a few extra days of “vacation” in order to prepare for her twins. Our cows get 45 days of vacation, while Dot and others pregnant with twins get 60 days.

During vacation, the cows don’t get milked, but lounge around all day where they choose, in either the barn with fluffy straw or the pasture. We keep a close eye on the girls in case of any complications, especially when they are two weeks away from giving birth. So far, Dot has been able to handle delivering her twins by herself. I’ve told my grandma about Dot and she can’t wait to meet her!