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Dairy’s nine essential nutrients and health benefits are backed by science. Get the latest health information and research on dairy nutrition. Topics covered include dairy’s critical role in sports and child nutrition, disease prevention, and improving overall diet quality. Learn the best ways to get the recommended 3-4 servings of nutrient-rich dairy into your diet every day.


Dietary Guidelines

The Dietary Guidelines encourage Americans to eat a healthful diet — one that focuses on foods and beverages that help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, promote health, and prevent disease. Learn more.




health-wellness-landing-page-feature-bone-healthBone Health

Research has long shown that dairy’s nutrients are vital to the development of strong bones and reduce the risk for developing rickets and osteoporosis. Learn more.




health-wellness-landing-page-feature-heart-healthHeart Health

Over the past decade, emerging research finds three daily servings of low-fat or fat-free milk, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, may help manage blood pressure and improve heart health. Learn more.




health-wellness-landing-page-feature-childhood-nutritionChildhood Nutrition

Nutrient-rich dairy foods play an important role in children’s nutrition. Learn more.





health-wellness-landing-page-feature-sports-nutritionSports Nutrition

Dairy can play an important role in an active lifestyle. Learn more.





health-wellness-landing-page-feature-school-nutritionSchool Nutrition

Our Nutrition Consultants work with districts to increase student access to healthy school meals. Learn more about their efforts.




health-wellness-landing-page-feature-womens-healthWomen’s Health

According to the USDA, nearly nine out of 10 women (ages 20 and up) fail to meet calcium recommendations. Learn more.




health-wellness-landing-page-feature-aging-healthAging Health

Dairy remains an important part of the diet for the aging population. Learn more about dairy’s role in a healthy diet for all ages.




health-wellness-landing-page-feature-lactose-intoleranceLactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance doesn’t mean giving up on the great taste and nutrition of dairy. Our resources offer tips to enjoy your favorite dairy foods. Learn more.




health-wellness-landing-page-feature-sustainable-nutritionSustainable Nutrition

Dairy farmers have been called the original environmentalists because of their lifelong commitment to sustainability. Learn more.




health-wellness-landing-page-feature-school-nursesSchool Nurses

Find out how you can get involved to help integrate healthy eating and physical activity in schools and in communities. Learn more.





ADADC is proud to offer a number of resources to our health professional partners. Learn more.