Flavored Milk

Children Benefit From Drinking Chocolate and Flavored Milk

Chocolate milk is a tasty way for kids to get the nutrition they need. ADANE is proud to provide this resource center with facts about Flavored Milk.


Flavored Milk Support StatementChoc Milk Official Statement REV_Page_1
Find out which leading health professionals and health organizations support keeping flavored milk in schools.



Chocolate Milk InfographicChocolate Milk Infographic 4.5.16
What happens when the choice of chocolate milk is taken away in schools? A Cornell study, published 2014, reveals the consequences.



A Pediatrician?s Perspective on Flavored MilkDr Robert D Murray 3
Pediatrician Dr. Robert D. Murray provides his point of view on children drinking flavored milk.



The Truth About Flavored MilkThe Truth About Flavored Milk 4.5.16_Page_1
Chocolate milk is the most popular milk choice in schools and kids drink less milk, and get fewer essential nutrients, if it?s taken away.



Flavored Milk FAQFlavored Milk FAQs 4.5.16_Page_1
Addresses questions about flavored milk, like the added sugars, nutritional value, and flavored milk?s role in school nutrition programs.



Chocolate Milk ? Give Kids a Choice!Choc Milk Choice play button
See why keeping chocolate milk in schools is a good idea, based on facts.