Make the Dairy Connection!

Milk, cheese and yogurt contribute important nutrients to the school meal programs. Milk is the number one food source of calcium, vitamin D and potassium in children’s diets. In addition, studies in children and adolescents show that consuming dairy foods can improve the overall nutritional quality of the diet.

Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association offers several programs to assist child nutrition professionals in their efforts to provide nutritious and tasty meals to students. These programs feature yogurt and cheese and provide additional options for breakfast and lunch sales.

The programs include incentives and equipment grants for schools in Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association territory that meet the criteria and commit to providing required documentation. This includes:

• Providing edit checks for breakfast and lunch for the 2011-12 school year and 2012-13 school year
• Tracking all milk and/or dairy and specialized partner and preferred vendor items
• Providing sales data (hallway carts and hot/cold cart station)
• Providing monthly menus featuring second dairy item

Contact your school marketing manager to learn more about Dairy Connection programs.

How Do You Promote Dairy at Your School?

dairy connection

During June Dairy Month, the foodservice staff at Chichester High School set up a yogurt bar twice during June. The staff served vanilla yogurt with a variety of toppings that included honey granola, toasted walnuts and mixed berries. The staff posted signs promoting the yogurt bar in the cafeteria. Feedback from students was very positive.

Supporting the Dairy Connection

dairy connection

North Harford Elementary School celebrated June Dairy Month the last week and a half of school. News about the promotion spread through word of mouth, menu advertisements and daily announcements over the school’s P.A. system. Thursday, June 6, was the school café’s “celebration” of dairy month. Milk was the featured dairy product. The café was decorated with a farm motif and assorted posters promoting the benefits of milk. The staff dressed up as “moo cows,” wearing cow-spotted aprons and visors decorated to resemble cows. Students and teachers sported milk mustaches at breakfast and lunch.

The Dairy Data Promotion

Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association would like to thank the foodservice directors and managers who told us how they are including dairy in their breakfast menus. The Monthly Dairy Data Promotion ran from March-May, 2013.

Congratulations to our May winners! Each received a $250 Dick’s Sporting Goods© gift card.

• Mark Ott – Bald Eagle Area School District, Wingate, Pa.
• Debbie Martin – Norristown Area School District, Norristown, Pa.
• Tammy Vinglas – Juniata Valley School District, Alexandria, Pa.
• Marla Caplon – Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, Md.
• Bill Trackman – Hamilton Township School District, Mays Landing, N.J.

For additional information, contact the school marketing manager who services your territory.