Dairy Connection Programs

Breakfast Beyond Milk

Serve a second dairy item, such as yogurt or cheese, for breakfast for at least 15 days each month. A Dairy Connection Hallway Cart is available for schools providing a Grab-N-Go breakfast option. Learn more about Breakfast Beyond Milk.

Grab-N-Go or Vending Breakfast or Lunch

Serve a second dairy item, such as yogurt or cheese, for breakfast for at least 15 days each month. Districts serving a Grab-N-Go Breakfast can order plastic bags to package meals. Schools providing reimbursable vended meals can also order the bags. Learn more about the Grab ‘n’ Go Breakfast or Vending programs.

Download the Dairy Connection application form.

Contact your school marketing manager to learn more about Dairy Connection programs.

Making the Connection at Breakfast: It’s in the Bag!

To increase breakfast participation, Arlington Public Schools (APS) is piloting a Grab-N-Go program at two elementary schools.

Through the pilot program, the APS Department of Food and Nutrition Services will provide quick meal service to students. This will enable students to have breakfast before the school day starts.

To support the execution of this Grab-N-Go Breakfast pilot program, Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association is providing the Dairy Connection re-closable plastic bags to APS. “Breakfast is an important part of the day because it gives students the energy to help them focus and stay engaged in the classroom. We are pleased to partner with Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association to make sure that our students have sufficient opportunities to start the day right with a healthy breakfast,” said APS Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy.

Students currently take the bagged meal from the refrigerated case and consume the breakfast in the cafeteria. After finishing breakfast the students dispose of the bag in the cafeteria to maintain a clean and neat area. Additionally, these bags are bio-degradable and may be recycled if a school or district has an active composting or recycling program.


Ready to Serve


After Breakfast