Milk Anatomy 101

How to Handle the Child Nutrition Debate
Milk – whether white or flavored – plays a vital role within the school meal and helps children meet needs for critical nutrients of concern as identified in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Milk Anatomy 101 1Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association recently hosted MILK ANATOMY 101: How to Handle the Child Nutrition Debate. This educational workshop addressed the science supporting the nutritional benefits of consuming flavored milk for children and the unintended consequences of eliminating flavored milk in school meal programs. MILK ANATOMY 101  also included training to help particpants communicate with a variety of audiences in a professional and compelling manner.

Below are resources from MILK ANATOMY 101 that you can use to address the flavored milk issue.

Flavored Milk: The Dumbest Fight We Shouldn’t Be Having
Keith Ayoob, Ed.D., R.D., associate clinical professor
Department of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
PowerPoint Presentation

Flavored Milk at Schools: Understanding the Science, Weighing the Evidence
Dayle Hayes, M.S., R.D.
Nutrition for the Future, Inc.
PowerPoint Presentation
Resource List and Key Messages

Why Flavored Milk Is Important for Student Nutrition
This fact sheet presents the case for flavored milk with supporting studies, nutritional benefits and beverage comparison.

The Impact of Student Milk Consumption and Nutrient Intakes from Eliminating Flavored Milk in Schools
This fact sheet provides an overview of the 2009 Consumption Study results.

Rethink Your Drink
This fact sheet shows the nutritional comparison among a variety of beverages children typically choose from at home and at school. Side two outlines the benefits of milk’s nine essential nutrients.

Five Reasons Why Flavored Milk Matters
This fact sheet presents the top 5 reasons to support flavored milk. Lists third party health and nutrition organization support and scientific support for the messages.