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Fueling Greatness

All kids should have access to a nutritious, affordable breakfast. However, many are not eating this important meal. No matter the reason, many kids are showing up to school hungry. Breakfast at school can make a difference.

During March, Fuel Up to Play 60 is working to increase school breakfast awareness and participation to make sure all kids fuel their greatness and start each day with the nutrition they need to help them succeed – inside and outside the classroom.

Learn how one Fuel Up to Play 60 team is fueling greatness at its school.

Chapel District Elementary School is a small public school on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. To help its students start off with a healthy breakfast, the Program Advisor applied for Fuel Up to Play 60 funds. For two years, as part of its Healthy Eating Play, the team purchased two kiosks to serve a Grab and Go Breakfast. Students purchase milk, juice and a breakfast item from the cart and take it to their classrooms. Students, who qualify for the free and reduced meal program, participate at a free and reduced price.

Chapel District 1

The Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Advisor is a fifth-grade teacher. Her students work the kiosks in the morning. All students purchasing breakfast (free, reduced or paid) fill out a breakfast ticket and hand it to the Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Team member. The payment method addresses to two important issues. First, students cannot handle money. In addition, it’s mandatory that a student’s eligibility status is not disclosed at any time. Payment by ticket is a practical solution.

Chapel District 3

As the school year moves on, Chapel Hill will continue to feature the Fuel Up to Play 60 Team serving breakfast and participating in physical activities on the school’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Team will also share the benefits of eating healthfully and staying active on the morning announcements. Finally, the Student Team will continue exploring creative ways to encourage all students to start off the day with a healthy breakfast.

Chapel District 4

Special thanks to Program Advisor Colleen Szymanski and the Chapel District Elementary School Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Team for fueling greatness at their school.