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New Look of School Milk Grant Program

Offering ice-cold milk in a variety of flavors and easy-to-open plastic bottles helps transform milk into an appealing beverage that students perceive as “cool to drink.”

By implementing the New Look of School Milk in your district or school, you may be eligible to receive funding to support new milk merchandising equipment, signage for your cafeteria, or recycling bins. The formula is simple:

  • Serve milk in 8-ounce plastic bottles on your meal lines
  • Serve milk ice-cold in at least three flavors (including white)
  • Offer milk in multiple locations

Offering milk in plastic bottles provides an opportunity to obtain signage to promote healthful food choices in your cafeteria. These colorful signs serve as a reminder for students to include nutrient-rich dairy, fruit, vegetable and whole grain selections for meals and snacks.

Apply for a New Look of School Milk Grant.

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