Discover Dairy

Discover Dairy 1Dairy farmers work hard to bring fresh and wholesome milk products to the marketplace. Most farms are family-owned. As active members of their communities, farm families take pride in maintaining the environment. That means preserving the land where they live and work and protecting the quality of the air and water they share with neighbors. More importantly, it means providing the best care for their cows, which are the lifeblood of their business.

Take a virtual tour and learn about life on a modern dairy farm.

The following are lesson plans and resources to teach students about the importance of dairy

Discover DAIRY: Beyond the Refrigerator

This engaging, cross-curricular series of lessons teaches upper elementary students about where milk comes from and the many ways dairy farming contribute to our lives. Lesson topics include:

  • Discover Dairy…And Animal Health
  • Discover Dairy…And Milk Safety
  • Discover Dairy…In the Environment
  • Discover Dairy…In the Community
  • Discover Dairy…And Nutrition

In addition to the lesson plans, Discover DAIRY includes video clips, assessment-based worksheets, reading pamphlets and interactive games. Lesson plans meet Pennsylvania Department of Education standards and assessment anchors for math, science, health education and reading.

MILK: It Does a Student Body Good!

For students in grades 1 to 3:

Cow, Cows and More Cows! lesson plan Cow Outline activity sheet This activity introduces cows as animals that make milk for people. Students learn about dairy cows and how milk is produced on a dairy farm.

Milk Made for You lesson plan Rock-and-Roll Butter activity sheet From Moo to You activity sheet This activity outlines how milk is transported, processed and distributed. Students participated in a hands-on demonstration on how butter is made.

For students in grades 4 to 6:

Meet the Milk Makers lesson plan A Dozen “Udderly Amazing” Facts about Dairy Cowsactivity sheet Meet the Milk Makers word search This activity introduces cows as the major milk producers in the U.S. Students learn about cows and how dairy farmers care for them, facts about dairy production, and the different breeds of dairy cows.

The Amazing Milk Machine lesson plan Cow’s Digestive System fact sheet This activity introduces students to the cow’s digestive system. Students learn about ruminant animals and the four-compartment stomach of the cow. Students learn about milk production and steps dairy farmers take to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of milk.

Moving Milk through the Dairy Plant lesson plan This activity discusses milk processing. Students learn about pasteurization, homogenization and fortification, and steps taken by the dairy plant to ensure the wholesomeness of milk.

MILK: It Does a Student Body Good! was developed by Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association and Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Cows, Calcium, and Cheese

Cows, Calcium, and Cheese is an udderly fun-filled school program to teach K to 9th grade students about life on the farm, explore careers in agriculture, and consider nutrition concepts such as how calcium is linked to health.

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