Lesson Plans

Dairy Nutrition Education

Five Food Group Relay

Five Food Group Relay Race
Five Food Groups Line-up Worksheet
Tackling Better Nutrition Player Position Cards
MyPlate Slide

dairy nutritionStudents position themselves in an offensive lineup, discuss the importance of key positions and compare them to scoring for good nutrition. In a team relay, students form their own Five Food Groups lineup.

USDA Team Nutrition
Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum

Serving Up MyPlate is a collection of classroom materials to help elementary school teachers integrate lesson plans on nutrition into math, science, English, language arts, and health. The curriculum introduces the importance of eating from all five food groups using the MyPlate icon and a variety of hands–on activities. Students also learn the importance of physical activity to staying healthy.


Breakfast Makes It Happen!
Smart Starts Worksheet
Students (grades 1 to 3) explore the importance of eating breakfast. They review the Five Food Groups and learn about the “3-out-of-5” rule and use the rule to plan breakfast menus.

Super Breakfast, Super You 
What’s Your Breakfast I.Q.? worksheet 
Shake Up Breakfast recipe sheet 
MyPyramid for Kids handout
Students in grades 4 to 6 discuss the relationships among breakfast, a healthful diet and performance. Students learn that by combining foods from the Five Food Groups, they can plan a nutritious breakfast.


Bridges to Wellness™

Bridges to Wellness™ is a lesson plan on nutrition series that personalizes nutrition information for students and helps schools meet school wellness policy nutrition education goals. Each set includes a lesson on nutrition for grades 5 to 6, 7 to 8 and 9 to 10, and incorporates cafeteria connections with hands-on, classroom-based learning. Find step-by-step instructions, reproducible handouts and transparency masters in full-color or black and white versions.

Topics include:

• The Food Groups to Encourage
• The 3-Every-Day™ of Dairy Nutrient Package
• Nutrition and Physical Activity
• Making Breakfast Count